Mechanical Power Brush/ De-compact Service

Mechanical Power Brush / De-compact Service

Our Mechanical Power Brush Service will bring the pile of your surface back to life and prevent memory flattening of the pile from use. Our service will also de-compact the infill to ensure the uniformity of the infill in the surface. Unlike drag brushing which only affects the very top of the pile, our Power brush service will work deep into the turf fibers and infill, lifting and re-distributing them evenly to optimize the ball response, playability and most immportantly to improve the life span of your artificial surface.

Our specalist machinery also has an internal vacuum system to collect small detrimental materials and detrius from within the pile. As well as this collection, it also promotes loosening and suspending of micro particals to allow for said particals to be washed away through your surfaces natural drainage.

Following the Mechanical Power Brush Service the ball will react more naturally and players will feel the benefit of the playing surface.