Pitch Improvement Works

De-Compaction Process & Pitch Improvement Works

We carry out De-compaction and Refurbishment process’s onto all types of artificial pitches. These service’s are far more intensive than any other service and will improve your pitch to an almost new condition, totally improving the playability and aesthetics of your surface.

The De-compaction process allows for a deeper reach into the infill of the surface and a greater redistribution, therefore manipulating and aerating the infill. This deep process will pick up the infill, separate and pass it through an internal vacuum and filter process to remove loose fibres, debris and detritus from within the pile. The infill will then be returned back into the turf much like when it was originally fabricated. This will prevent base compaction and allow water to freely drain through the infill and away from the pitch surface. The evenly distributed infill will promote natural bounce and response to the ball and improve impact and comfort to the user.

Pitch Improvment Works                                                                                                                                  

Depending on the individual need of your artificial surface, we can carry out site specific pitch improvement works. These improvement works will address the identified problems on your pitch and improve your pitch to an almost new condition, totally improving the playability and aesthetics of your surface.

This service is usually completed to well used/older surfaces, where the main issues of the pitch are: Drainage problems, Contamination issues and either compacted or excessive infill. Our Improvement works to address these typical pitch problems will entail of:  Addressing the excessive or compacted infill, completing either a full surface de-compaction process or infill removal process, before applying fresh aerated infill back into the turf to bring back infill levels to the specified height.                                  Any Algae and Moss patches in the surface will be removed along with a removal of all weeds growing at the perimeter. Any weak seams, in-laid line failures or other pitch repairs that are needed will be rectified. Along with full litter collections and tidy up’s of the sporting area and sporting equiptment. These pitch improvement works will be finished off with Full surface contamination treatments being carried out to prevent any short term regrowth of  Weeds, Algae or Moss.